What Are The Risks Complications In Rhinoplasty Surgery?

There is no surgery without any risk. You will be asked to sign various consent forms to ensure that you fully understand the procedure and any risks or potential complications by your surgeon.

No need to worry much about the risks of rhinoplasty surgery, you can minimize the risks by doing some things like stop smoking, ending use of certain medications, and maintaining a healthy diet and some other things which are suggested by your surgeon.

The common risks & Complications of a Rhinoplasty procedure are as follows :

1. Bleeding:

Blood loss is the most common risk of rhinoplasty procedure, because, the nose blood vessels may be damaged during the surgery. Most patients approximately lose blood up to 150 ml during the procedure, and a part of that, some experience much blood loss after surgery.

Bleeding after the surgery can occur if you do not follow your doctor’s instructions, or if you blow your nose too forcefully. And also, it is better to avoid medications which you are currently using and follow as per your surgeon’s suggestions.

2. Anesthesia Reactions

Surgeons use anesthesia when performing rhinoplasty surgery to reduce pain and make the procedure safer. There are two types of anesthesia: one is local and the other is general anesthesia. The type of anesthesia that your doctor recommends depends on the type of rhinoplasty procedure you choose and the preference of the surgeon.

Local anesthesia is used for less invasive surgery. This means that only your nose area is stunned. You are awake during the procedure and feel a bit dizzy both during and after the operation.

General anesthesia is recommended for more invasive rhinoplasty. This is a more common type of anesthesia that patients choose. An anesthesiologist gives intravenous medications that help you fall into a deep sleep. A breathing tube is not used and the patient’s breathing needs to be closely monitored.

3. Nasal Obstruction

Rhinoplasty alters the outward appearance of your nose, but what you have to know is that the surgery may also change the way you breathe. A nose correction operation can result in a smaller or collapsed nose and make breathing difficult.

Rhinoplasty can also be performed to correct internal structural problems such as a distracted septum or other anomalies. When cured, the nose may form scars that may also block the airway. The diminished sensation from nasal cuts can also cause the nose to become blocked. Breathing is a delicate balance that must be continued by maintaining the nasal structure as much as possible.

While rhinoplasty may result in a more attractive-looking nose, it can not effectively reduce airway obstruction and cause a previously distracted septum to become more symptomatic.

4. Bruising

Bruising is a common risk of rhinoplasty surgery. Just as with pain, the severity of the bruises is directly related to the degree of adjustments to your nose. If you notice bruising, it is probably limited to the areas around your eyes and takes about a week to heal.

Although bruising is a common side effect, you should consider the amount of bruising and cause it to decrease as the day progresses. Abnormal bruising should be reported to your doctor.

5. Infection

Infection is a very rare risk for rhinoplasty because the nose has such a robust blood supply. As with other complications, awareness is the key. Possible signs of infection are high temperatures, inflammation, nausea, or abnormal swelling or pain. Follow your doctor’s instructions in combination with your intuition to determine if you need to take steps to tell your doctor or 911 about potential infection. Transplants in the nose increase the risk of infection due to increased blood flow areas.

There are other risks even, which include

. Poor wound healing or scarring

. Change in skin pain or numbness

. Nasal septal perforation in rare conditions

. Difficulty in breathing

. Unsatisfactory nasal appearance

. Skin discoloration

. Increased swelling

. The possibility of revisional surgery

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