Land Rover Discovery Sport Performance & First Drive

Land Rover Discovery Sport Overview

The Land Rover Discovery Sport is a perfect amalgamation of British luxury and off-road capabilities. It happens to be Land Rover’s most affordable SUV and is less expensive and more adventurous than its rivals. Also, the 3rd-row seat give it an edge over competition. The 4-cylinder, 2.0-L diesel engine from the Ingenium family offers an increased power output of 177bhp, though the base model is still equipped with 147 bhp unit. The Land Rover Discovery Sports price in India has been tagged competitively, which makes it a viable option in the segment. Land Rover Discovery Sport in Tryaldrive.

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Land Rover Discovery Sport Exterior

One look at the Discovery Sport and it’s instantly apparent Land Rover borrowed the platform from the Range Rover Evoque. It’s short-ish wheelbase, tiny overhangs, and rounded ends give it a very familiar appearance. Unlike the Evoque, however, the Land Rover ditches the Range Rover’s super sloping roof for one that actually accommodates rear seat passengers in comfort. The slope is still there, but definitely at a lesser degree.

The Discovery Sport’s look is relatively unique despite its stable mates. Land Rover did a great job incorporating plenty of classic design cues from other models. The cheese grader grille, HID headlight design, lower grille guard, black fender trim, and the long accent line that runs from the side vents rearward through the door handles are all incorporated.

Land Rover says the Discovery Sport is more than just a mall-crawling crossover, but rather a capable off-roader that’s ready to tackle most anything the average owner would dare attempt. It boasts an approach angle of 25 degrees, a break-over angle of 21 degrees, and departure angle of 31 degrees. Moreover, it can ford 23.6 inches of water without trouble and traverse an obstacle 8.3-inches tall without scraping. Impressive stats for an “entry level” vehicle.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Interior

The interior of the Discovery Sport is a welcoming place that continues with the familiar design trends. Its clean dashboard design is very reminiscent of the big-boy Range Rover, but is predictably fitted with less-expensive materials. Trim work is aluminum and no wood can be found. The dashboard’s front is padded with leather while the top is a soft-touch plastic. The soft-touch materials continue onto the door panels and center armrest. Leather also covers the steering wheel and all five seats.

Behind the wheel, the driver has a commanding view of the road. The low windowsills allow for comfortable arm-out-the-window driving and the low dashboard allows for a good view forward. Overall ergonomics are good and buttons are well placed. Speaking of which, the center stack enjoys a clean and logical layout. The HVAC controls couldn’t be simpler.

Land Rover’s Terrain Response system lies at the heart of the new Discovery Sport. Mounted low on the center stack is a toggle switch for selecting one of four terrain modes. They include: Pavement; Gravel and Snow; Sand; and Mud and Ruts. Changing between settings happens quickly and without fuss. Hill Decent Control is also present for navigating long, steep descents.

Mounted above everything else is Land Rover’s latest version of its infotainment system. The new design looks cleaner and more modern than before, though it still tends to respond slowly to touch commands. The system’s overall menu layout hasn’t changed, so all the settings and controls are right where anyone familiar with the old system would expect them to be.

Rear seat comfort is rather respectable, with plenty of legroom for outboard passengers. The 60/40-split bench seat offers a reclining position for better comfort on long trips, along with a padded center armrest. Both outboard seats are heated as well. Folding the seats flat is very easy thanks to a single lever. Once folded, the Discovery Sport offers 66.9 cubic feet of cargo room. Even with the seats in place, the crossover gives plenty of cargo room for gear, measuring in at 32.7 cubic feet of space. For those needing more people room, an optional third row is offered, but is designed as more “short term” seating. In fact Land Rover calls the design a 5+2 layout. Check for Land Rover Discovery Sport  in  

While there is plenty to like about the new Discovery Sport’s interior, I took issue with a few aspects of its design. The most glaring has to be the design of its center console. Sure, the rotary gearshift looks cool and works well, but it takes up a ton of valuable real estate that could be used for more storage. I couldn’t help but wonder why Land Rover didn’t mount the shifter at an angle between the center stack and console. That would free up six to eight inches of space for extra cup holders or storage trays.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Gearbox

Let’s talk about the main thing in question – the 2.0-litre Ingenium oil-burner. Our test car was the HSE trim which means that the engine had the lower 150 PS and 382 Nm tune. Meanwhile, the higher HSE Luxury trim gets a more powerful 190 PS tune from the same engine. The new engine feels very refined and even at higher revs, the engine noise isn’t all that bad. While 150 PS might sound low on paper, it has been tuned very nicely and thus the power delivery is linear. Turbo lag is minimal and the SUV gains pace swiftly. 0-100 km/hr comes up in a notch above 10 seconds though.

The engine doesn’t lose steam till about 4500 RPM and it is indeed excellent for cruising, with 100 km/hr in top gear coming in at around 1500 RPM. Most people won’t have a reason to complain while those who really want the extra performance will have to buy the top-most variant. The engine is mated to a 9-speed automatic gearbox which has been matched to the powerplant rather nicely. Gear shifts happen smoothly though I did feel some jerkiness at low speeds. Toggling Sport mode for the gearbox does make the SUV respond better. Fuel efficiency is pretty good, and we extracted around 10-12 km/l in a mix of city and highway driving. All said and done, I would have liked JLR to offer the same (higher) tune on all variants because a slight difference in fuel economy doesn’t really bother luxury car buyers.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Driving

The Land Rover Discovery Sport has a very pliant ride which makes the passengers feel comfortable no matter how the road terrain is. Even on craters that are present on Mumbai roads, the Discovery Sport doesn’t feel unsettled at all and you don’t really need to slow down much. Handling is also good by SUV standards and while some body roll is present, the vehicle instils confidence and remains stable at high speeds even while cornering. While I don’t have any complaints with regards to the tyres, I feel that the brakes could have been more confidence inspiring, maybe the brake pads on our test car had worn out.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Safety

The Land Rover Discovery Sport gets disc brakes at both ends. On the safety front, it comes with advanced driver assistance features like- speed limiter, cruise control, lane departure and emergency braking. The Driver Pack comprises traffic sign recognition, driver condition monitor, adaptive speed limiter and blind spot monitor.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Cost in Pune

Land Rover Discovery Sport On-Road Price in Pune ranges from 52,10,200 to 63,97,310 for variants Discovery Sport 2.0l Diesel Pure 5 Seats and Discovery Sport 2.0l Diesel HSE Luxury 5 Seats respectively. Land Rover Discovery Sport is available in 2 variants and 6 colours. Below are details of Land Rover Discovery Sport variants price in Pune. Check for Discovery Sport price in Pune at Carzprice.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Conclusion

The Land Rover Discovery Sport is a very likeable premium SUV because it is very practical for day-to-day usage and offers a comfortable ride too. The new engine impresses us with its performance and the off-road capabilities of the SUV are splendid. It also feels very tough and robust and makes you feel that it can indeed take you wherever you want to go. The Discovery Sport is an SUV hard to ignore, provided you can sacrifice a wee bit on the additional premium feel that is offered by Germans in the same price bracket, which is honestly the only fly in the ointment.

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