Mobile Virtual Phone System for Small Businesses


Virtual systems are the order of the day offering businesses immense advantages not thought of hitherto. Having a virtual phone system simply means business owners can have a mobile office anywhere and at any time. Virtual phone systems are the latest communication tools that are being increasingly used by small businesses the world over.As the name indicates, virtual phone systems are not located in the office premises of the business that is using the system. The hardware and software of these business phone systems are located in the office of the service provider that the business has selected.With virtual phone number, users can receive a call even when they are not in their office. They can answer an e-mail or receive a fax even when away from the office or while on the move.

Mobile virtual phone system offers small business owners several worthy features including the feasibility of checking messages, viewing fax, transferring calls, and hold-on music. With an ever-expanding market economy and fierce competition, having a virtual phone system is essential for a small business to survive and thrive. With a virtual phone system business owners can manage their companies from anywhere.Virtual phone systems services are today available for both mobile phones as well as tablets. Virtual phone systems enable small businesses to make VoIP calls without spending their mobile minutes.Using a virtual phone system via Apple’s ipad gives small business enterprises the facility to constantly monitor their businesses. With the iPad businesses can send faxes, view faxes, emails and a lot more.There are also apps for Android to help small businesses to stay connected with their office. Using the Android for a virtual phone office can make businesses more efficient. With the Android business owners can transfer and schedule calls.

A virtual phone system is ideal for small business owners who are always on the move. Many virtual phone system companies offer different plans to meet various budgets. With a virtual phone system, you can also use a toll free number or a vanity toll free number to make your number easy to remember for your customers.More and more employees are working remotely and a recent research done by International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that there will be around 1.3 billion mobile workers by the year 2015. Small businesses must adapt to the emerging technologies to ensure that their business efficiency and overall productivity does not suffer. A virtual phone system is an important innovation in maintaining a robust communication system for employees working in remote locations.

The auto attendant of a virtual phone enhances the image of your business and connects your customers with the person or department of his/her choice. Besides, you can also screen a call before answering it, use more than one phone number for forwarding calls and route unanswered calls to your voicemail box.If a customer leaves a voicemail in your voicemail box, your virtual phone system will send you an alert immediately. Your virtual phone system also allows you to read your voicemail in your email. This is especially important for a mobile workforce because they can manage all their communications from one place

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